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When an individual runs there are different techniques for landing. About 27% of males and 39% of females strike the ground using the forefoot strike technique. Forefoot striking is the technique where the individual lands on the ball of the foot prior to bringing their heel in contact with the ground.

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The forefoot strike technique is considered to be the most common of the three techniques. It is decribed as when the ball of the foot lands first (primarily below the 4th and 5th metatarsals) then the heel comes down. This can also be described as toe-heel-toe running. In this technique, the collision where the forefoot meets the ground generates a minimal impact force opposed to the heel strike which generates an instantaneous, large impact force. Strike patten is dependent on various factors, such as speed, surface, footwear, and fatigue. Forefoot striking is primarily more common at higher speeds and among unshod or minimally shod runners, especially on hard surfaces.

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